Herman Ostendorf

About the Artist

herman ostendorf Herman OstendorfHerman Ostendorf, born in Rotterdam in 1949.

Already at the age of 16 he was attracted to the Eastern way of thinking. This resulted in a great love for martial arts. When he was 21 years old, Herman graduated to the 1st Dan (black belt) and also taught karate in Wado-style. Thanks to Sensei Teruo Kono, he learned to practice karate in the spirit of Zen Buddhism.
He read a lot about Zen, yoga, macrobiotics, herbal medicine, healthy nutrition, etc.
Around the age of forty, he is a convinced Zen Buddhist and a practitioner of flowing Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong.
Life rolls by until 2009 when he walked upon the hard reality of his mortality. A life-threatening illness requires him to (self) reflection. With several new contacts his spirituality grows more. Books on spiritual awareness, NLP, theta healing, Healing Journey and quantum healing are daily reading.

In 2010 Herman asked the universe for a direction, a purpose. And the answer was: 'painting'. Herman went to Thailand to study with a successful Thai painter and learn techniques that he developed into his own, distinctive style of painting. In 2011, Herman noticed that each picture gets a special energy from him that is felt by the owners and actually give them a very special experience. To this day Herman paints his 'Healing Monks' with the conviction that each painting possesses an energy that people around the world can assist with healing power.

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